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Veteran Caregiver Support Services Program

Coming home can be hard for both service members and their families. Learning to live with post-traumatic stress, a traumatic brain injury, or a physical disability takes work – by both those who have been injured and the loved ones who take care of them. Veteran Caregiver Support Services is a program we offer to alleviate the stresses and struggles of the caregivers of veterans. 

Veteran Caregiver Support Services helps the families of returning service members and veterans to manage the difficulties that can occur when their loved ones come home. Veteran Caregiver Support Services is a personalized program that is tailored specifically to the struggles of each family. Through proven methods, the program teaches military families the skills needed to best navigate their challenges, resulting in stronger and healthier families.


The Veterans One-stop Center Caregiver Coaches find the best resources for the caregiver and care recipient. Our Caregiver Coaches are people who have “walked the walk” and understand the unique challenges associated with caring for a veteran. A special bond develops between coach and caregiver because of this strong peer connection. 

If you are interested in joining Veteran Caregiver Support Services, email Daniel, Caregiver Coach, at

or call 716-898-0110 ext. 118.

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