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Diane, a mother of two young children, reached out to the Veterans One-stop Center in September. She was in critical need of help. With severe PTSD, the challenges of daily life were often extremely difficult. They were facing immediate eviction. When their food stamp benefit was suddenly cut from $600 to $22, their home of 14 years was moments from lost.

When Diane finally reached out to the Veterans One-stop Center her caseworker immediately took action, advocating for her family. Our staff immediately secured resources to help prevent eviction, provided several months of food, and made sure the kids had school supplies.

With additional help from a counselor for her PTSD, Diane was able to return to her daily life. Her resiliency, bolstered by the support of dedicated team members from the VOC, helped her family get back on track.

Diane is just one of dozens of veterans we will meet this year who are at risk of losing their home. Advocates at the VOC do all we can to make sure that we both stabilize the crisis a family is facing, as well as ensure that the family gains the resources they need to avoid further tragedy. Leaving each client stronger and better resourced, their future is brighter.

Would you stand with us in supporting housing-vulnerable veterans this winter?

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