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Regardless of when you served, what branch you served in, how you were discharged, whether you were active duty, National Guard or reserves, you sacrificed and served our country and now it is our turn to serve you.

We offer a one-stop approach that is simple, friendly, and easy. At the Veterans One-stop Center, there are no hoops you need to jump through. We are here to serve you. Our services, partners and resources in the community can meet any and all of your unique needs. All of our services are provided to you and your family at no cost.

Our dedicated team helps former service members, and their families find the resources and services they need. One of our specialists, many of them Veterans themselves, will work with you one-on-one to help identify your needs and goals and help you achieve them. They will be with you every step of the way to make the process as easy as possible for you and your family.

Emergency Housing Assistance

Our Supportive Services for Veteran Families program involves rapid re-housing and homelessness prevention programs for Veterans that are designed to respond to the crisis of homelessness or imminent homelessness. The program offers time-limited, individualized financial assistance designed to assist Veteran households to obtain and retain permanent housing. Financial assistance is provided at a level that enables Veterans to maintain housing while seeking to: increase income, relocate to less expensive housing, obtain a longer-term subsidy, and/or reduce expenses to sustain housing.

Veteran Peer Support

The PFC Joseph P. Dwyer Peer Support Program brings United States Armed Forces Veterans, service members and their families together through Veteran-to-Veteran collaborative services, social activities and community service. We currently facilitate this program in Erie, Niagara, Steuben and Yates counties.

Suicide Prevention

Our SSG Fox Suicide Prevention Grant Program builds upon the VA’s public health approach in combining clinical and community-based interventions to prevent Veteran suicide for those inside and outside of VA health care.  Our approach in ending Veteran suicide includes prevention-based outreach efforts, case management services including employment, health care coordination, and verified outside agency referrals to develop individual integrated care plans carefully planned for every Veteran’s specific needs. Additionally, we provide a nontraditional and innovative approach to improving physical and emotional health and well-being with our on-site Fitness & Health Center (Cohesion). Within the fitness and health center, our health & wellness specialists focus on identifying Veterans in crisis and work alongside our peer support specialists and case managers to use physical fitness, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, and other physical and mindful resources to decrease feelings of suicide.

Through our additional Agency efforts, we also offer peer-to-peer support services for Veterans that serve as role models and strong resources to assist Veterans throughout their care plans. 

Fitness & Health Center

Our very own Cohesion Fitness & Health Center, located right behind the Veterans One-stop Center at 100 Gelston Street, is a Veterans-only gym where we walk with you to fulfill and restore your path to health and wellness. Our gym membership is FREE to Veterans plus a guest of your choosing. Cohesion is staffed by certified and experienced trainers and instructors. We also offer free weekly classes!

Case Management

Case Management involves planning, assessment of needs and barriers, and collaboration of services to support Veterans' needs; subsequently providing referrals to experts to ensure goals and objectives are met. Our case managers assist in advocating for those we serve.

Employment Specialist

Our Employment Specialist supports Veterans and families on the path toward economic well-being and self-sufficiency. Experienced employment counselors provide a comprehensive menu of employment services such as vocational counseling and skills assessments, resume preparation and job readiness training, occupational skills training/courses offered though affiliated and referral organizations, employment networking activities and focus groups, job search, advocacy and placement assistance, promotion of military acquired skills for civilian career advancement, and more. 

Legal Services

Legal services are provided through our partnerships with the Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo. This collaboration provides easily accessible civil legal services for Veterans and their families for issues such as Disability Related Matters, Housing Discrimination Cases, Bankruptcies, and more. Our unique model of providing services on-site allows access for Veterans who would otherwise go without the legal help they need. 

Legal services are offered on-site to help Veterans and their families stabilize and overcome problematic situations in order to fully transition to civilian life. Providing legal services in a trusted environment helps to address emotional issues.​ Eligible Veterans receive legal services at no cost.

Financial Counseling

Financial counseling and coaching services are provided through the One-stop’s partnership with community members who are trained to help Veterans and their families manage their finances and access community resources related to financial stability. This service helps clients achieve self-sufficiency by offering free financial literacy education and assistance in asset building. Trained financial coaches provide group support along with confidential, one-on-one money management education and guidance designed to help Veterans and their families gain and maintain self-sufficiency.

Benefits Counseling

Accredited Benefits Counseling Services ensure that Veterans and their families take full advantage of all of the available government-provided benefits. Counseling services range from filing applications for federal disability compensation, pensions, education benefits and insurance, to enrollment in VA Health Care.

This type of counseling also includes accessing state level benefits such as education and targeted annuity programs and making referrals to state agencies that provide Veteran-targeted programs in areas such as employment, homeownership, property tax exemption, motor vehicle registration, substance abuse services and mental health resources.

Veterans benefit counselors are accredited by the Veterans Administration (VA). Services are provided through partnership agreements with federal, state or local government agencies, or with accredited representatives of Veteran service organizations. In-office support provided by the Erie County Veterans Service Agency, as well as the Veterans Benefits Administration, through the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional (Buffalo) Office.

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