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Steuben County Upcoming Events

Peer Support Specialist

Nicole Dabby

Focused on integrating Veterans back in the community after their military service, Nicole engages in outreach, and plans a wide range of fun events for veterans and their families throughout Steuben County.

Nicole Previously served in the USAF/107 ARW NYANG for over 9 years in the Military Personnel Flight as a Personnel Journeyman, assisting military members with their in-processing and out-processing needs.  While serving her country, Nicole completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Cultural Studies.  

After serving in the military, Nicole volunteered for 10 years with the National Parks Service at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site as a seamstress in the Costume Resource Committee. Loving to sew, she expertly assisted in restoring century old garments the museum houses.

Nicole is a fun and dynamic person who strives to take on new challenges and learn new things.  An avid traveler, Nicole has visited over 30 countries around the world, including Brazil, Macau, and Thailand.  Nicole is currently learning to play the violin with her daughter.

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